Friday, August 12, 2005

Alabama cracking down on sex offenders

8/11/05 NCVC State Update: On July 26, Alabama Governor Bob Riley signed a bill to strengthen the state's response to sex offenders, SB 53. The bill mandates that for ten years after being released from prison, sex offenders who committed a Class A felony or who were designated as violent sexual predators must be monitored by a geographic positioning system (GPS). It also gives courts discretion to sentence any other sex offender to wear a GPS tracking unit. The bill requires offenders at all times to carry a license or state-issued ID that identifies them as sex offenders. The bill also modifies recent Alabama law, which had allowed adult sex offenders in the state to live with a minor if the offender was the parent, grandparent, or step-parent of that minor. Under the new law, sex offenders whose victim was a child may not reside with any minor, regardless of the relationship. Other provisions increase the penalty for failure to comply with registration requirements, which include notifying the state about place of residence and employment.