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Accomplishments in Tennessee's DOC Victim Services

I just received this update from Sheryl DeMott, Victim Services Director, for the DOC in Tennessee. Over the last two years, I've worked with Sheryl as a speaker in their Victim Impact program that reaches out to inmates that are preparing to be paroled and reintegrated into society. It was truly a rewarding experience and very inspiring to see that there are advocates fighting from within the system. Sheryl is a superstar!

Parole hearing assistance for Victims
All registered parties requesting parole hearing notification receive information from the Board of Probation and Parole explaining the process. The Department of Correction provides accompaniment and separate waiting areas for all persons attending the hearing.

Victim Impact for Inmates
The class is in ALL institutions. As a part of a pilot program for 2006, two institutions will increase class time to 30 hours per person! We will have two persons trained to train the trainers! Our evaluation process is changing... and …