Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Show of Hands for stopping child sexual abuse

The Enough Abuse Campaign is a statewide effort to eliminate child sexual abuse in Massachusetts, and we are dedicated to obtaining and sharing the knowledge and skills necessary for prevention. The Campaign is for those who believe that we have had enough secrets, enough shame, enough hurt, enough confusion and enough denial that child sexual abuse is a serious epidemic. It is for those who are ready to say enough child sexual abuse and who are ready to work together to prevent it from happening in the future. In other words, the Enough Abuse Campaign is for all of us. Get involved today by donating to the organization, spreading the word, or by a "show of hands". Photocopy or trace your hand (or print poster). Write the words ‘ENOUGH ABUSE’ on the palm of the photocopied hand along with your name and town or city. Encourage friends and neighbors to participate by sending in their "Show of Hands."

Send a copy of your "Show of Hands" to:
Enough Abuse Campaign
14 Beacon Street
Suite 706
Boston, MA 02108

The Enough Abuse Campaign will showcase your hand along with others at various future prevention events and conferences. Their goal is to raise 10,000 "Show of Hands" - help them achieve that goal!