Saturday, April 22, 2006

Tune into Lifetime TV this weekend

April is Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month. In recognition, Lifetime is airing their campaign's Stop Violence Against Women programming and public service announcements with information on how to get help and thought-provoking movies and specially-themed episodes of the Network's original dramas all weekend. Here's a partial list of some of the featured films so tune in or set your TiVo/DVR to record these programs and show your support.

SEARCHING FOR ANGELA SHELTON Saturday, April 22 at 11 pm et/pt
This documentary follows filmmaker and abuse victim Angela Shelton's travels across the United States to meet other Angela Sheltons in an effort to survey women in America. On her journey, she discovers that 24 out of the 40 Angela Sheltons she spoke to were abuse victims. These findings sparked Angela Shelton to confront her own past and her father, and through her subjects, she learns about forgiveness, faith and the power of the human spirit.

April 23 at midnight "Rape Kit" — Lu (Rosa Blasi) is acquaintance-raped by a prominent and highly respected surgeon (Gregory Harrison) at the hospital, who claims that he had consensual sex with her. Dana (Janine Turner) helps Lu after the rape, but still has doubts about the legitimacy of Lu's claim.

Sunday, April 23 at 1 am et/pt "Recovery Time" — Lu copes with the post-traumatic stress from her rape, and she is haunted by flashbacks of her assault. But when her attacker is acquitted by a grand jury, she is consumed by an uncontrollable anger that jeopardizes her career at the hospital.

Human Trafficking with Donald Sutherland and Mia Sorvino, April 22 at 5pm et/pt
A young, single mother from Prague falls for a handsome stranger while waitressing. A beautiful teen auditions in Ukraine to be a model. In the Philippines, a 12-year-old American girl is intrigued by a local boy peddling bracelets. What do these three unsuspecting individuals have in common? They're being lured into an international sex-trafficking ring run by ruthless criminals. The lives of these victims and others who have been abducted will never be the same; while locked away they'll be forced into prostitution, see their families threatened and worse. It's up to a rookie Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, her seasoned boss and his team to bust this operation and rescue these people. Don't miss this gritty crime drama and emotional tale of survival. It exposes the ugly world of human trafficking that could exist in any neighborhood — even yours!

Black and Blue with Mary Stuart Masterson, April 22 at 9 pm et/pt
Though her life seems perfect on the outside, Fran (Mary Stuart Masterson) is physically and verbally abused by her husband, Bobby. The traumatized woman is unable to turn to the authorities for help because her spouse is a cop. At her wit's end, Fran skips town and goes into hiding in Florida. But with every second that passes, she worries that Bobby will use his detective skills to track her down. This gripping movie is sure to get your attention and keep it to the bitter end! Based on the book by talented author Anna Quindlen.