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DA drops sexual assault charges against Texas CME bishop, cites insufficient evidence

Associated Press - September 26, 2008 4:25 AM ET

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) - The Tarrant County district attorney's office says it doesn't have enough evidence for a conviction and is dropping sexual assault charges against Christian Methodist Episcopal Bishop Kenneth Wayne Carter.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports Assistant Tarrant County District Attorney Betty Arvin told the newspaper that the office dropped the case Wednesday after reviewing all of the evidence.

The attorney representing the alleged victim in a civil lawsuit, Tony Owens, said his client is disappointed and feels -- in his words -- "victimized again by the system."

Owens said the outcome doesn't affect the civil case.

Carter -- who's 51 -- was indicted by a Tarrant County grand jury in June after a licensed minister at a Dallas CME church said Carter in March 2007 tried to force him to have sex when the man applied for a job.

A month after the indictment, the Christian Methodist Episcopal College…

Charging victims for the collection of evidence?

Are you kidding me? Many of you have probably already heard about or read the following CNN headline and article about the town of Wasilla, Alaska's practice of charging rape victims for forensic exams during Palin's mayoral term. Thankfully the Alaska legislature corrected this injustice and no longer requires victims to do so. I find Palin's indirect denial of the practice appalling and dishonest. She (or rather the campaign) claims that she was not aware that the victims were being charged and that she does not endorse such practices. Which is btw, a load of BS. How is it possible that the mayor of a small town who went over the city budget and complaints about such a policy would not know about such a practice? It's not. Even though she claims there is nothing "on the record" doesn't mean that she didn't know. The chief of police claimed that charging victims saved the city taxpayers at least $5,000 to 14,000 annually. I'm sure the citizens of…