Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the Headlines this Week

There has been an amazing amount of press and activity in legislatures throughout this country with regards to same-sex marriage. Most likely it's a direct result of the Prop. 8 trial and the probability that the US Supreme Court will hear some of the issues. Do you have twitter? Then follow me and you'll get the most up to date information, headlines, and of course my comments.

Another state introducing Anti-Gay Marriage Bill. This time it's Pennsylvania. (

Indiana Gay Marriage Ban Bill passes Senate and headed to the House (

Recent poll shows increasing support in Utah for gay rights as well cohabiting unmarried couples (

No sex -- no marriage. At least that's what a Maryland lawmaker wants (

One More Reason Why Pres. Obama & Scott Brown Won't Get Married - They're distant cousins --and by distance I mean 10th cousins! (

In the SOTU address, President Obama calls for repeal of Don't Ask/Don't Tell. "It's the right thing to do."

Utah Rep seeks to overturn DC gay marriage ordinance (

Miami Judge Rules for Gay Adoption (

Proposition 8 trial at a crossroads (

Gay Marriage Push Stalled in N.Y., N.J. After Maine Referendum, Legislatures Haven't Moved Forward (

Marriage licenses at a 20-year low (

Hawaii Senate Approves Civil Unions For All Couples (

Scotland Family Law Act Protects "Co-habitees" - wish US would follow suit! (