Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scotland Family Law Protects "Co-habitees"

This "family law" is an ingenius solution for "unmarried" couples who live together because it recognizes that there is a lack of protection in relationships other than marriage. Today, more and more couples are living together out of choice or because there is no other option for their relationship (same-sex). This law provides redress for those couples that split up and one takes it all and leaves the other in the cold. Here in the U.S. there is no such protection unless you have a will, a deed, or a "contract" such as a co-habitation agreement or co-ownership agreement that outlines how to divy up the property or resolve a dispute in the event of death or dissolution. And it isn't fair. Most happily in love and now we're living together couples don't want to jinx their relationship by sitting down to discuss all the what ifs. Although this law isn't the perfect solution, it's a great first step and insurance policy. Will the U.S. ever get there?

Co-Habiting Couples Remain Ignorant of Their Claiming Rights