Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Traditional Marriage Always Wins? I think not.

Mr. Chaffetz is fighting hard to send a message to DC democrats through his efforts to overturn the recent DC ordinance recognizing same sex marriage that traditional marriage is right. He candidly admits that he knows that the bill will not get heard but is deciding to pursue it anyway because of the "symbolism" and because "HE" thinks it's the right thing to do. Okay last time I checked, Congressional Representatives represent the people of the state who elected them not the people of another state or district and definitely not the Representative's own personal and religious opinions. I wonder how Utah citizens feel about Mr. Chaffetz's taxpayer funded efforts.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz attempts to overturn D.C. gay marriage law
By Lee Davidson, Deseret News
Published: Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2010 2:03 p.m. MST