Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Domestic partners rally in Santa Fe

Senate Bill 183, sponsored by Sen. Peter Wirth, D-Santa Fe, which would establish domestic partnerships for unmarried couples today was the subject of a joint hearing between the Senate Public Affairs and Judiciary Committee.  The bill is unique in that it encompasses same sex and opposite sex couples providing rights equal to marriage. The bill passed the House last year but was decimated in the Senate.  Supporters are not overly optimistic that it will fare any better this time around.  And it's no wonder as the Senate version is more than 800 pages!  Why so long?  It goes through EACH state law finding every mention of marriage and spouse, and changing it to include domestic partners.

KOB.com - Domestic partners rally for rights

UPDATE:  This bill passed the Senate Public Affairs committee 5-4 on February 3.  It's still in the Judiciary committee.  If it passes the JC, then it will move on to the Senate floor.