Monday, February 15, 2010

Last week's news this week!

There were a lot of news articles and stories on traditional marriage, divorce, civil unions, as well as same-sex marriage and divorce.  Want to stay up to date on news when it happens?  Follow me on Twitter!

Mass SJC deciding whether witnesses w/expressive aphasia must be allowed ADA accommodations per ADA when testifying

Interesting NC Law that allows Elizabeth Edwards to sue 3rd party for destroying her marriage

If you're separated from or divorcing your spouse, steer clear of Facebook. warns attorneys (me being one of them!)

More from the UK on Marriage, and Second Marriages

Wedding Band Makes Jealousy a Bigger Threat

Does Love Make You Richer? - CBS News

Clark County, WA’s first same-sex divorce finalized by judge

AG’s office battles second Texas same-sex divorce case

U.S. Census recognizes same-sex couples living together - News8 Austin does a feature on Austin Town Hall

WASHINGTON: Gay Marriage Not Legal In State; Same Sex Divorce Is

How romantic! Alameda County, CA will be open and ready to issue marriage licenses this Sunday, Valentine's Day

Filmmaker: Prop 8 movie's distribution rights sold - San Jose Mercury News: 

Congressional proposals could penalize couples $10,000 for saying 'I do'

Same-sex marriage remains safe in Iowa

UK Times 'With fewer women to go around men will have to up their game’

UK Marriage at an all-time low since 1895 - plus more babies born to unmarried couples

Arkansas tries to ban singles/cohabiting couples from adopting or fostering children or serving as a guardian

Missouri town changes "family" definition to include "unmarried couples" and their children

Prop 8 Case Puts Judge’s Claimed Sexual Orientation in the News

Headlines: U.S. Census recognizes same-sex couples living together

US Census: Same-sex couples live in 99% of Texas counties.