Sunday, February 21, 2010

Same-Sex Divorce biggest newsmaker this week

Texas trying to reverse gay divorce decree (

AG Abbott speaks out in press conference about same-sex divorce (

Abbott working to stop gay women's divorce (

AG fighting divorce of same-sex (

Travis Co Same Sex Divorce case getting national attention (

Gay divorce case draws attorney general's attention (

Watch Travis Co. Same Sex Divorce interview and exclusive coverage on (

Hear Attorney Jennifer Cochran debate conservative Sgt Sam on 590AM. 2/16 Podcast Part 2. (

Travis County judge "approves" same-sex divorce (

AG Candidate Barbara Ann Radnofsky blogs about the Travis Co same-sex divorce case (

Will Texas' first gay divorce open the state to gay marriage? (

Listen to AG Tries to Intervene—1 Day Too Late?—in Same-Sex Divorce Case ( 

Texas Tribune interview with AG Greg Abbott, Ken Upton & Chuck Smith (