Transgender marriage case referred to Texas attorney general

El Paso County Attorney Anne Bernal has asked Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to rule on whether she should issue a marriage license to two women, one of whom was born a man.

Prior to a sex change operation, Sabrina Hill was known as Virgil. She is now seeking to marry another woman.

Under Texas law, Hill is a male, according to Bernal's request. Hill's original New York birth certificate lists her as a male.

However, a certified birth certificate from a Washington state judge declares that Hill is a female. So does Hill's Arizona driver's license.

In 2009, the Legislature changed the law to allow a person trying to get married to provide a certified birth certificate as legal identification.

The question to Abbott: which form of identification takes precedence when a transgender person wants to be treated as the sex listed under their "true and accurate birth certificate?"

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