Monday, November 22, 2010

Alternative Families are gaining support from Americans

The Pew Research recently conducted a nationwide survey about marriage and family in which Americans were asked about some specific trends involving children growing up in non-traditional or "alternative" households.  Americans were most concerned about the rise in the number of single women having children without a male partner to help raise them.  About seven-in-ten (69%) say it is bad for society that more single women are having children, while just 4% say this is good for society and 24% say it doesn’t make much difference.  Interestingly, Americans were far less concerned about that more unmarried couples and more gay and lesbian couples are raising children, although a substantial minority expresses concerns; 43% say each of these trends is bad for society, but about the same number (43% and 41%, respectively) say it is neither good nor bad. About one-in-ten say it is good that more unmarried couples (10%) and more same-sex couples (12%) are raising children. (These trends are analyzed in more detail in Section 5.)"  Read more of the report here.

The substantial minority is still a substantial minority however, Americans are making significant strides in tolerance when you think about how far we really have come in terms of history.  50 years really isn't that long ago.