Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Extended Summer Visitation

It's that time of year again.  The kids are out for summer and you and your ex are trying to come up with a schedule.  Many of you had to "notice" or be noticed by the other party by April 1 on the dates you want to exercise for extended summer possession.  This is that period of time that is in addition to regular visitation.  Many just defer to the default of the entire month of July but I would encourage you to sit down with your ex and try to work out a schedule that works for everyone but especially the kids.  Show some flexibility if your ex didn't notice you properly or by the deadline.  Consider a few things:
  • What camps are they interested in attending? 
  • Will they need to take a summer class to make up for a failed class or prepare for college or driver's education? 
  • What do they usually do each summer and how has that worked in the past? 
  • Are there annual family vacations or reunions that should be taken into account? 
  • How will each of the above affect each parent's work schedule or vacation schedule? 
As difficult as it is to work together, it's doable and it's important to demonstrate to your kids that you can work together to develop a solution that ensure your kids have a fun summer without hurting mom or dad's feelings.