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Back to School

We're more than halfway through summer vacation so it's time to start thinking about the upcoming school year.  Divorce decrees and custody orders provide that parents are to share expenses for "educational expenses" and "extracurricular activities" but oftentimes the provision doesn't really explain what expenses are included or whether the parents have to agree before one parent pays the expense and sends the other parent the bill.  Therefore, it's best to seek clarification and do the best that you can to facilitate communication about these expenses and to foster the coparent relationship.

Educational expenses.  Typically, this includes private school tuition, registration fees, books, etc.  It does not usually include daycare expenses, after-school programs, school clothes, etc.  Private school is a major decision that should be discussed at length before the custodial parent enrolls the child in a private school and expects the non-custodial pa…