Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Values in Action

A family court judge in Pennsylvania recently ordered a Dad to to shut down his blog where he called his ex-wife names and banned him from mentioning his ex-wife or his children on any public media.

This is about children,” said the judge to the Dad during a June 14 hearing. “You may say anything that you would like to say. You may publish it. You may put it on a billboard. But you will not have your children, because that is abusive.”    

Although I value freedom of speech more than the air I breathe at times, the judge is right.  It comes with a price and in some instances, it is indeed a very high price.  So be careful.  Tread very lightly.  What do you value most?  If you value your children more than anything in this world, then consider the impact of your choices and values on their emotional development.  Is sharing or rather, spewing, bitter diatribe in a public forum about your child's mother or father really in their best interest?  Ask yourself: why do I feel the need to do this? Is this helping or hurting my kids?  With some reflection it should be clear, such actions only show the Court that it's about YOU and not your kids.

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