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Tips for Successful "Back to School" CoParenting

In just a couple of weeks the kiddos will be heading back to school and of course, disputes may arise with regards to who pays (or should pay) for school-related expenses (clothes, school supplies, backpacks)  and who takes the child to his/her/their first day of school.  All of the aforementioned are usually fodder for coparents who are not getting along to hone in and become territorial about "their" time and who should pay for what especially if there are philosophical differences about child support and what "that" money should pay for.  Don't take the bait!  Successful coparenting involves give and take and making decisions based on what's best for your children and making that return to school exciting and fun.

Back to school is the perfect occasion for a fresh start.  If you've had a less than ideal coparenting relationship, make a change!  Talk to the other parent about assigning back to school tasks such as:

 Who pays for / shops for school sup…