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Conscious Uncoupling?

It's the new catchphrase in the world of celebrity separation and divorce and is Gwyneth Paltrow's attempt to coin a friendlier term for divorce. Guess what? It's still divorce. There will still be a separation of the couple's assets, possession schedules for the children, child support possibly, who makes what decisions for the kids or how those decisions are made. The difference that Gwyneth is trying to "make" is that she and her estranged husband are committed to putting the family's needs over the individual husband/wife's needs. Well, that's not a new concept. Everyone attempts to do that but unfortunately, most couples believe that they are. Estranged couples "choose" how they approach a separation and their behavior during the process. But, it's difficult as time goes by, money is spent, the children become angry or do not adjust to the separation well. It will be interesting to follow their journey through conscious …

Kids First releases 2014 Parenting Class schedule

For those of you who have children and have a pending divorce or custody suit, most counties require that you must take the Co-Parenting class that is designed specifically to address how divorce and litigation affect children.  Although most prefer to take the class online, if you have a hearing before Judge Brenda Smith in Hays County, she will order you to attend the parenting class in person.  My clients also report that they get more out of the class in person than they did online.  So, why not attend the class and get more bang for your buck and score a few points with the Judge?  Find the schedule

Attention Adoptive Parents who Adopted in 2013

If you adopted in 2013, then pull those receipts together and review with your accountant for a tax credit of up to $12, 970.   You can get credit for Court costs, adoption charges, attorney fees and travel expenses.  There are some limitations and you must file a paper return.  Read Fox Business's article - IRS Can Help with Adoption - that was published today.

Utah Attorney General tells Judge to Deny Adoptions involving Same Sex Couples

I don't know which is more egregious - the State prohibiting gay marriages or dictating who can or cannot be a parent by specifically saying that a gay couple cannot adopt a child even in situations where the biological parent consents!  Although Texas passed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages (which was declared unconstitutional by a federal judge in San Antonio), Texas does allow step parents or other persons to adopt a child so long as the other parent consents regardless of gender. Texas recognizes that is the legal parent's absolute right to share his or her parental rights or responsibilities.  Read more about the Utah debacle here.