Sunday, August 30, 2015

Back to School, Back to Coparenting

As kids return back to school, it's important for moms and dads to each be actively involved at the school whether it's signing up to bring snacks for the class, scheduling parent-teacher conferences or just checking in with the school. Oftentimes, one parent relies on the "other parent" to communicate how the child is doing in school, when the child is late or absent, or school events. This is a minefield rife with frustration for the communicating parent who is tired of being the communicator and the recipient of the communication who feels there isn't enough communication or that isn't timely. All parents have the right to talk with school officials and to receive information unless the controlling order says they don't have a right. The best way to stay involved is to get involved at the outset beginning with Parent Teacher night. Introduce yourself or make time to talk with the teacher if you were unable to attend. Let the teacher know that Jimmy has two homes and that you are excited about the upcoming school year and would love to help out. Above all, do not talk negatively about the other parent. If the school doesn't already have a copy of your order, provide one to them so that if the need arises, the school has what they need to assist both parties and to avoid disputes.