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Heroines in Advocacy - Marian Wright Edelman

Marian Wright Edelman is truly an inspiration to all. I first became acquainted with Mrs. Edelman's work when I read her book - The Measure of Our Success: Letter to My Children and Yours in which she emphasizes the values of hard work, service, responsibility, and faith that her parents not only preached, but also lived. She wrote the book for her sons as they approached adulthood but it's applicable to everyone. It's one of my favorites. After reading the book, I became more interested in her as a person and in the work that she has accomplished. What I discovered was a brazen and impassioned woman who fervently fights for children, family and education. I share with you now, her biography that I found on the National Women's History Project website.

A Biography of Marian Wright Edelman(b. 1939)

Learning from the example of her parents, Marian Wright Edelman has never stopped her battle for equality, freedom, and civil rights. Growing up in the segregated town of …

Heroines in Advocacy - Andrea Conte

I've decided to begin a series of posts that will feature heroines in victims' rights advocacy. Some are survivors and some are not. Each are truly impassioned, courageous, and unstoppable in their commitment to end violence and are leading the fight against violence by speaking out about their personal stories, raising awareness, establishing foundations, changing legislation, developing programs, and inspiring others to act.

Andrea Conte, The First Lady of Tennessee. I lived in Nashville for over 10 years and although I've never met her, I got to witness her accomplishments as a member of the community. She truly has been a beacon of light and inspiration within the Nashville community and in the state of Tennessee and is loved by the citizens. Andrea is a survivor of violence. In the late 80s, Andrea was violently attacked by a man tried to kidnap her from the parking lot of the store she owned. She successfully fought him off and escaped with a broken cheekbone…