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Jennifer Cochran-Green publishes Children's Book about Adoption

Jennifer Cochran-Green has released an updated version of her children's book, Will You Be My Forever Family?The book is a storybook about adoption in which the Princess, a baby in utero, dreams about the family waiting for her on the outside and the lovely voice who comforts her and tells her all about the world. Jennifer hopes that the book will inspire adoptive parents to talk about adoption and the child's birth family with their children.  Jennifer wrote the book in 2014 and published it on Amazon Kindle in 2015 where the original ebook version is still available for purchase. You can purchase the new edition print version on Bookemon or directly from Jennifer by emailing her to request a copy. The cost is $10.80.

Is Adoption Right for You?

November is the time for Thanksgiving and is also National Adoption Awareness Month.  This month many courts across the nation will host Adoption Days to finalize adoptions of children placed into forever homes through foster care. And, Texas is the second largest adoption state in the country- over 11,000 children are adopted in Texas each year!

Many couples pursue adoption for many different reasons.  Some turn to adoption after battling infertility or health issues, others feel called to expand their family through adoption. But, is adoption right for you?  The following questions may help you answer that question.

1) What kind of adoption is best for your situation? Foster, international, private, adoption agency? Each type of adoption has its own unique challenges and benefits so do a lot of homework - read materials, interview agencies, and talk with other families you know who have adopted a child.

2) Does race or gender matter to you? Children from all backgrounds and ethnicity