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Jane Doe Releases Domestic Homicide Study for the State of Massachusetts

This past summer I had the honor and privilege to serve as an intern performing research and contributing to the above mentioned Homicide Study at Jane Doe, Inc. (JDI).* We collectively poured over death certificates, court records, news articles and interviewed district attorneys, advocates, etc. It was a humbling experience and profoundly rewarding because even though it was painful, it was also quite something to know that maybe some good will come from such suffering. The victims for the most part were every day people who worked and had families. Some of the victims were children, grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, significant others, friends, coworkers of the abused and the abuser. They ranged in age from a young child to a couple in their late 70s and in social class from the very poor to middle class to wealthy. They represent many ethnicities. They were indeed a picture of America.

The common thread in all of them was that they were victims/perpetrators of domestic …