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Vermont tragedy spotlights need for harsher sex offender laws

By Wendy Murphy
The Patriot Ledger
Posted Aug 16, 2008 @ 02:20 AM

The body of 12 year-old Brooke Bennett was recently found in a shallow grave near the Vermont home of Michael Jacques. Jacques is suspected of killing the child after luring her to his house in connection with a reported “sex ring” involving young girls.

Jacques was a convicted sex offender who kidnapped and brutally raped a teenager for four hours in 1992. Jacques got out of prison in 1997, and was under the supervision of Vermont probation officials until September 2006.

Here’s the real shocker – it was during the time that he was being “supervised” by probation that Jacques got young girls involved in a “sex ring” and reportedly started raping a 9-year-old child, a crime he continued for five years.

Jacques could have been behind bars rather than raping kids and setting up sex rings, but he was released early by a judge who has yet to explain herself.

Like a handful of states including Massachusetts, Vermont needs to beef u…

Hear, Hear!

Below is an article by Wendy Murphy on the recent apology from the DA on JonBenet's case. It was printed in the The Patriot Ledger and also picked up by the Associated Press. I had the honor of working with Wendy on projects and also had her for a class called Sexual Violence while in law school. She has been such an inspiration to me - she is wicked smart and is sincerely passionate about victims' rights. She receives alot of criticism (from defense attorneys which is no surprise) but take it from someone who knows her well - she is genuine and a strong voice for Survivors. I'm sure I will receive a lot of "hater" emails and comments because I am posting this. I receive them every time I mention even her name! She is sincere but not infallible. She makes mistakes like the rest of us - but the work she has done and continues to do sets her apart. She has fostered change and remains committed to continuing to do so.

D.A. should apologize to JonBenet, not to her par…