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Same-Sex Divorce biggest newsmaker this week

Texas trying to reverse gay divorce decree (

AG Abbott speaks out in press conference about same-sex divorce (

Abbott working to stop gay women's divorce (

AG fighting divorce of same-sex (

Travis Co Same Sex Divorce case getting national attention (

Gay divorce case draws attorney general's attention (

Watch Travis Co. Same Sex Divorce interview and exclusive coverage on (

Hear Attorney Jennifer Cochran debate conservative Sgt Sam on 590AM. 2/16 Podcast Part 2. (

Travis County judge "approves" same-sex divorce (

AG Candidate Barbara Ann Radnofsky blogs about the Travis Co same-sex divorce case (
Will Texas' first gay divorce open the state to gay marriage? (

Listen to AG Tries to Intervene—1 Day Too Late?—in Same-Sex D…

First Same-Sex Divorce in Travis County

Gay divorce in Travis County grantedAttorney General opposes decisionUpdated: Monday, 15 Feb 2010, 2:28 PM CST
Published : Monday, 15 Feb 2010, 7:44 PM CST Jenny Hoff with KXAN.COMAngelique Naylor said she did not mean to make history when she filed for divorce, but she does not mind fighting for rights she believes same-sex couples deserve. A Travis County judge seems to agree with her and granted her a divorce from her wife of five years, despite the wife's opposition to the split. "On the day that we got married, she wanted equal rights," said Naylor during an interview in December, before the Judge's decision. "On the day that we adopted our child, she wanted equal rights. She's just trying to tell the judge she doesn't have to divide those assets with me." Judge Scott H. Jenkins of the 53rd Judicial District Court ruled in favor of Naylor's petition for divorce on Feb. 10. The next day, Attorney General Greg Abbott filed a petition of intervent…

Last week's news this week!

There were a lot of news articles and stories on traditional marriage, divorce, civil unions, as well as same-sex marriage and divorce.  Want to stay up to date on news when it happens?  Follow me on Twitter!
Mass SJC deciding whether witnesses w/expressive aphasia must be allowed ADA accommodations per ADA when testifying
Interesting NC Law that allows Elizabeth Edwards to sue 3rd party for destroying her marriage
If you're separated from or divorcing your spouse, steer clear of Facebook. warns attorneys (me being one of them!)
More from the UK on Marriage, and Second Marriages
Wedding Band Makes Jealousy a Bigger Threat
Does Love Make You Richer? - CBS News
Clark County, WA’s first same-sex divorce finalized by judge
AG’s office battles second Texas same-sex divorce case
U.S. Census recognizes same-sex couples…

Travis County Judge grants same-sex divorce

AUSTIN, TEXAS - A Texas judge in TravisCounty granted a divorce to a same-sex couple this week.   "It was a great day in Texas for same-sex couples", said Attorney Jennifer Cochran, who represents Angelique Naylor, the petitioner in the case.  "Texas may not allow same-sex marriage, but by allowing same-sex divorces - it moves one step closer to true equality".

The ruling, by the Honorable Judge Scott H. Jenkins of the 53rd Judicial District Court, effectively enables couples to move outside of jurisdictions that allow same-sex marriage.
Most same-sex couples who get married in states that allow same-sex marriage, such as Massachusetts where Ms. Naylor was married in 2004, typically remain there and raise their families there to avoid the added burden of having to travel back and forth to manage the marriage in terms of family legal disputes or questions about estate law and inheritance and medical insurance issues.
The court's ruling is a signal that even though …

In the Headlines this Week

Hawaii: Protestors Rallied on Friday For Defeated Civil Unions Bill (

Iowa: Making an argument for domestic partnerships AND same sex marriage (

West VA: Bill aims to repeal laws that assess $20 fines for "living in sin", adultery, premarital sex (

Missouri: Only surviving spouses are eligible to continue receive their spouse's pension benefits. Singles' pensions goes... (

Do Work-Family Policies Discriminate Against Men? (

The Higher Lifetime Costs of Being a Gay Couple (

New Mexico: Domestic Partnership receives 5-4 vote in Public Aff Comm, now on to Judiciary Comm (

Tax court allows deduction for woman's sex change (

Rachel Maddow Offers Review And Analysis Of DADT Hearing (

Nothing cuts a child like the feeling of betrayal (…

Domestic partners rally in Santa Fe

Senate Bill 183, sponsored by Sen. Peter Wirth, D-Santa Fe, which would establish domestic partnerships for unmarried couples today was the subject of a joint hearing between the Senate Public Affairs and Judiciary Committee.  The bill is unique in that it encompasses same sex and opposite sex couples providing rights equal to marriage. The bill passed the House last year but was decimated in the Senate.  Supporters are not overly optimistic that it will fare any better this time around.  And it's no wonder as the Senate version is more than 800 pages!  Why so long?  It goes through EACH state law finding every mention of marriage and spouse, and changing it to include domestic partners. - Domestic partners rally for rights

UPDATE:  This bill passed the Senate Public Affairs committee 5-4 on February 3.  It's still in the Judiciary committee.  If it passes the JC, then it will move on to the Senate floor.