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Domestic abuse conference looks at breaking the cycle of violence - The Times Herald News: Norristown, PA and Montgomery County (

For The Times Herald WHITPAIN — Domestic violence is a civil rights issue, it’s a crime and the government and criminal justice policies are failing in their right to protect women.

Those were the tenets at a domestic abuse conference Thursday at Montgomery County Community College.

Wendy Murphy, a former prosecutor, author of “And Justice for Some” and women’s rights advocate, presented a look at the domestic violence epidemic during “Everybody’s Business: Preventing Dating Violence and Domestic Abuse in Our Community.”

Also featuring Dr. Sandra Bloom and a panel of professionals including Laurel House counseling director Minna Davis and Women’s Center of Montgomery County community educator Janine Kelly, the event looked at the issues of dating violence and breaking the cycle of violence in the home, community and media.

“Domestic violence awareness as a bumper sticker just bugs me. We’ve got so much domestic violence, we don’t need a month,” Murphy said. “We’ve go…

The Great Marital Freedom Fighters

The following excerpt is from pages 77-78 of Elizabeth Gilbert's new book,Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage:
  "One of my personal hero-couples of the marital freedom movement were a pair named Lillian Harman and Edwin Walker, of the great state of Kansas circa 1887.  Lillian was a suffragette and the daughter of a noted anarchist; Edwin was a progressive journalist and feminist sympathizer.  They were made for each other.  When they fell in love and decided to seal their relationship, they visited neither minister nor judge, but entered instead into what they called an 'autonomistic marriage.'  They created their own wedding vows, speaking during the ceremony about the absolute privacy of their union, and swearing that Edwin would not dominate his wife in any way, nor would she take his name. Moreover, Lillian refused to swear eternal loyalty to Edwin, but stated firmly that she would 'make no promises that it may become impossible or immoral for me t…

In the Headlines this Week

The biggest new story this week is the confession of Joran van der Sloot.  Although I don't practice criminal law, I often follow cases involving sexual violence and gender discrimination which was my niche in law school.  I often worked with Wendy Murphy, a professor of mine, performing research for appellate cases and projects.  Click on the video below to watch Professor Murphy discuss the case.

See also, the following headlines on divorce, marriage, and parenting: No-fault divorce? It's about time - Achieving Marriage Rights for Same-Sex Couples Is a Marathon, Not a Sprint in the War on Gay Marriage -'s ahead for same-sex marriage? gay marriage case - Mortgage warning for unmarried couples as ex-partner gets half of house Need Not Apply court recognises …

Same Sex Couple Divorce/Parenting Issues Webinar THIS THURSDAY!

LIVE VIA WEBCAST on Thursday, June 17th from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
2 hours MCLE credit

Registration Fee: $135 - SOGII Section members - $25 discount
See Webcast Instructions

This two-hour webcast is intended to inform the family law practitioner about recent developments in same-sex family law cases. Dallas and Austin have both recently litigated gay divorces; the 5th and 9th Courts of Appeal have recently issued opinions addressing standing for same-sex parents.

WHO is most affected by same-sex family law cases?
WHAT can practitioners do with cutting-edge lawyering?
WHERE will standing end up, with the split of opinions among appellate courts?
WHEN is a parent not a parent?
WHY can’t couples legally married in other jurisdictions get divorced in Texas?

Advising same-sex couples can have long-term ramifications for the best interests of children, and need to anticipate upcoming changes in the law, both locally and nationally. Join us to see the latest developments from the attorneys on the …

In the Headlines this Week

Could Your Marriage Pass the (Green Card) Test? - Basic Civil Right - Tea » Blog Archive » Iceland OKs gay marriage — uanimously: Kagan's Non-Denial Denial on Same-Sex Marriage - Newsweek Josh Lucas and Marisa Tomei re-enact Prop 8 trial testimony for a video series in support of gay-marriage'm jealous of new couples - Couples Gain Under Violence Against Women Act - Couples Divorce Late in Life -'Put a ring on it' - Washington Times Relationships Harder for (young) Men: article from an "expert" on family Parents & Their Well-Adjusted Kids: What the Study Really Means

The MetLife Study of LGBT Baby Boomers

MetLife actually did a study on the LGBT community and their retirement needs.  I'm happy to see such companies are highlighting the issues that the community is faced with.  It's also very interesting reading.  It's no surprise that considering the historical struggles of the community that the study revealed that "Friends Mean a Lot and Serve As Family".  Nearly two-thirds (64%) of LGBT Boomers agree they have a “chosen family,” defined by the survey as “a group of people to whom you are emotionally close and consider ‘family’ even though you are not biologically or legally related."  Thus, planning for is critical for the LGBT community.  Planning?  Yes, planning for retirement, end of life care, long term healthcare, funeral arrangements, and in some instances, visitation while you're in the hospital.  As the study also points out, the community with a "chosen family" still  do not have the proper documents in place that entrust their chose…