Nothing Says I Love You Like a Prenup

The term “Prenuptial Agreement" is about as popular as the term “Mother-In-Law”.  People are afraid to talk about them before getting married for fear of tainting the relationship, or worse, breaking up the engagement.  Truth be told, “prenups” aren’t just for celebrities anymore.  They are particularly important for couples in second marriages, blended families, or those who want to protect a business, family gifts, or inheritance.

BEFORE you say "I do" and ride off into the sunset, consider the following reasons for a prenup:
  1. To determine financial obligations amongst yourselves should the marriage end versus relying on the expensive process of court intervention.  Couples can make decisions on how they manage their assets better and cheaper than the courts.  For example, you can set spousal maintenance in advance if you know that one spouse will sacrifice their career to be a stay-at-home parent and raise the children. 
  2. Going through the process of negotiating a prenup can help you become more open and transparent as a couple.  You and your partner will better understand each other's needs, concerns, and motivations as you enter your marriage.  You'll benefit from reaching an agreement through discussion and compromise, and further demonstrate that you two can successfully work through potentially difficult issues.
  3. Finances are one of the leading causes of stress in a marriage.  The conversation is unavoidable when you’re married so by disclosing all of your financial information up front (income, debts, assets, and inheritances), it could help you avoid future financial arguments. 
  4. For business owners, a prenup can ensure that your ownership is protected thus protecting your business partnership and interests. 

Getting a prenup doesn't have to be awkward or embarrassing.  Instead, focus on the overall benefits of having one.  Not only will it give you confidence that you'll be protected, but the process of getting one might actually bring you and your future spouse closer together.